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Did you know that Dana International... Yes, what? Exactly, here are 50 things you haven't known about Dana:

1. She has never done a diet.

2. She doesn't need to do special efforts in order to keep her figure: A little exercise, meals at fixed hours and totally abstention from sweets do the job.

3. Of all kinds of food, her favorite one is Chinese: Beef in a sour Setshuan sauce.

4. For drinks she is a lot less choosy: Mineral water, and if you want to make her something hot: She likes one teaspoon of sugar in instant coffee and two in tea.

5. The most romantic thing she has ever done was having a bubble bath in a room lighted by candles, with relaxing music in the background.

6. The most romantic thing someone did for her was to send hundreds of flowers to her home for the evening of her 23rd birthday. She, by the way, is not willing to reveal who was the one to do it.

7. The most romantic place in her view is Venice.

8. Her first love was at the age of 22, as usual, she is not willing to say who it was.

9. She is mad about the Luna-Park, and her favorite way of spending time is a visit to 'Disneyland'.

10. She likes to read. Her two last books were 'The Alchemist' and 'The Dream Merchants'.

11. She likes movies, especially comedies. The last movie that she saw was "The Owl and the Kitten".

12. Her favorite singer is Ofra Haza. "No one has a voice like she has," she explains.

13. If she had the possibility to become an animal, she would have chosen to be a black widow spider. An interesting fact taken fact number 43 into consideration.

14. She is not interested in mysticism, and does not believe in astrology or reincarnation.

15. Her least favorite character trait with Israelis is their tendency to gossip too much.

16. Generally, she is satisfied with her body, but if she had the possibility, she would have preferred to be born with bigger eyes and a different chest.

17. The most feminine thing she can think about is a petticoat.

18. If she didn't chose a career as a singer, she would probably have studied law and become a criminal lawyer.

19. Still, her biggest childhood dream was to become a singer or an actress.

20. Her favorite subject in school was English.

21. Her favorite sportswoman is Nadia Commanech. Because of her perfection.

22. If there is something that she feels sorry about, it is her tendency to swear in problematic situations, instead of letting things take care of themselves.

23. And that's not her only problematic habit. She has one more: She likes to fool people.

24. The most irritating thing to annoy her are connected to bad behavior: Betrayal, theft and lies.

25. Still, that does not stop her from lying to others, but she doesn't do it much. Only "when I need to," and she makes an effort to invent only white lies.

26. She is at her happiest only when she is in love. To be more precise: During the first months of love.

27. Movies excite her, and sometimes they even make her cry. The last movie she cried to was 'Breaking the Waves'.

28. It's hard for her to say that she enjoys her publicity. "Only sometimes I enjoy it." She admits "the penetration into my privacy and the yellow press disgust me."

29. That’s why she finds herself missing the time when she used to be anonymous.

30. The most sad thing for her is find out that she hurt someone without intending to. She can even cry because of things like that.

31. She reads newspapers daily, and especially she spends time on the first page and the headlines.

32. She dreams to sing a duet with Cindy Lauper. "But only God knows if it will happen."

33. She has no problems with giving her autograph, even if she is in the middle of something. She always stops, smiles, and signs for everyone.

34. She likes basketball (only Maccabi Tel Aviv) and football. ("I like different players and not the teams".)

35. When she sees a pregnant woman in the street she is always excited. "It's so wonderful to see a woman carrying her child."

36. She is mad about body creams. On her toilette there is more than 10 different creams with different smells.

37. When she gets a new song, she must show it to someone. No matter whom.

38. These days she does not have a boyfriend.

39. Her favorite perfume is 'Le Must de Cartier'.

40. The expression she uses the most is 'Speech is silver, silence is gold".

41. The children's fairy tale that she especially identified with was Cinderella. "Especially because of the prince," she says.

42. If she had the possibility to be another person for one day, she would have chosen to be the Prime Minister.

43. Her worst fear is of animals. And not just animals, but also spiders and crabs.

44. Dana has one sweet animal at home: A poodle named Leri, which Dana is really proud of. It is the only one of its kind in this country.

45. She is impatient and she knows it. Actually, this is the first character trait she would rather get rid of.

46. She is not a television addict, but she is mad about the 'X-Files'.

47. She believes in God. But she does eat nonkosher food, drive on Shabbat and does not light candles. However, she always fasts on Yom Kippur.

48. If you see her in the street, you can assume she will be without any make-up, or maybe only light make-up. She saves the heavy make-up for her shows.

49. Going to a lonely island she would have taken two men: One as a lover, and one as a chef. “But first,” she says, “I would have inquired what there is on this island.”

50. She does not feel sorry about any interview she has given to the media. "I simply don't feel sorry about marginal things in my life."

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