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"Homepage der Woche-Award"

Homepage der Woche Award

::Dana International - a star online:: became "Homepage of the week" at Compuserve (AOL) which is one of the biggest Internet providers in Germany. Congratulation Dana, you are the star!

The critics:

The Eurovision Song Contest which is holt every year became very interesting. While Germany sent more comedians and not musicians in the last years- in 1998 a talented israeli singer Dana International made rumour around her person. Who wants to know more about this spectaculous musician should visit our website of the week.

On the website of Christoph you´ll find everything what you should expect from a really good fan-page: An interesting biography of this singer, information about latest singles and albums and a well made photo gallery. The Eurovision Song Contest 1998 has an own section. And that´s not enough. There are a lot of articles connected to Dana International and songs and intwerviews to hear and see in the download section.

Also from the technical side we can write only good things about "Dana International - a star online". The homepage has a nice layout, professional photos and a well made and easy navigation. There´s no question. The author earned our "Homepage of the week" tittle.

As the webmaster I would like to say thank you to Compuserve for that price. It is very important for me.


Toda raba!

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