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Website History

11.09.1999 Official opening of "Polski serwis Dany International" ("The polish site about Dana International"). It was the first website in Poland and in Polish. After 2000 the website moved to Germany with me.
October 1999 The website was a source for an article in a big polish magazine for Djs. They took photos, interviews and latest news. The address of the website became popular in whole Poland.
31.01.2000 The site moved to a new faster server.
3.03.2000 "The Polish Site about Dana International" changes it's design. English and German translations are done.
July 2001 Big changes and renovation of the site. The website is now in Germany & it's written in German as the first language. It's still 1:1 translated into Polish & English.
25.03.2002 ::Dana International - a star online:: became the "Homepage of the week"
May 2003 DIASO gets a new look (pink) but the design still stays the same.
February 2005 The website is 5,5 years online and is one of the oldest online websites without any breaks.
February 2005 The design of DIASO changes, the website will be 6 years online this year and the webmaster decided about her new look.
16.02.2005 "He'chalom ha'efshari" - The possible dream- DIASO found its place in the Internet world. The people from www.devtown.net liked the website so much that I got space on their server. Now I can without any worries continue my work on the website. Big thank you especially to Nocny, who made it possible. Toda raba! 
18.02.2005 DIASO gets a new forum. Based on PHP and it will replace the Mailing list of DIASO.
20.07.2006 Back to the old server, search for a new sponsor. Forum got lost.
Since 2008 New webhoster - www.phreak.co.uk - thank you very much!
11.09.2009 Since 10 years online... Happy birthday to DIASO.
26.03.2011 Working on the webpage - the 12th birthday of the website is in few months. Dana is going to sing again for Israel @ the ESC in Düsseldorf. A brand new fan-forum was installed.


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