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Dana's career started in the 90s but she is an artist with an enourmous talent and she recorded a lot of songs. Five albums, a remix CD and a compilation album were released in Israel. There are also two international albums like "The album" and "Free". In Germany it's nearly to impossible to buy any israeli releases and the situation in the UK or France is much better! It's always possible to buy the CDs in the Internet there are some serious sellers. 

You can try the service of Dana's israeli label. But still the best way to get any Dana's CDs are friends from Israel or someone who's going to spend his/her holidays there. To get more information about an album just click the photo.

1.Dana International דנה אינטרנשיונל   2.Umpatampa אומפטמפה   3.E.P.Tampa איפיטמפה

"Dana International"





4.Maganuna מגנונה   5.Diva ha'osef דיווה האוסף   6.The Album



"Diva HaOsef"


"The Album"

7.Free Europe   8.Free Israel   9.Yoter ve'yoter יותר ויותר

"Free "


"Free Israel"

  "Yoter ve Yoter"
10. He'chalom ha'efshari החלום האפשרי 11. Ha'kol ze l'tova הכל זה לטובה
Ha'chalom ha'efschari Ha'kol ze l'tova

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