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7. FREE (international)

"Free" is Dana's second international album. It's really good but too "European". Dana's voice sounds much better when she's singing in her mother language Hebrew. "Free" was also released in Japan where it became a real hit. There's also an israeli release where the song "Language of love" was excluded but you'll find two brand new songs "Mokher ha prakhim" (The flower vendor) and "Ad sof hazman" (Until the end of time). There's also the whole "Woman in love" videoclip as a bonus for the PC !


Track Song tittle Text/Music
[1] Dror yikra דרור יקרה Lyrics
[2] Free Lyrics
[3] Love is all there is Lyrics
[4] Language of love Lyrics
[5] La vita è bella Lyrics
[6] Tease me Lyrics
[7] If you don't love me the way Lyrics
[8] This is the night Lyrics
[9] Ani ohevet אני אוהבת Lyrics
[10] Glamorous Lyrics
[11] Woman in love (c&n remix) Lyrics
[12] Diva '99 דיווה 1999 Lyrics
[13] Free (c&n remix) Lyrics

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